Ethereum: starting off 2021 on the right foot

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  • Things seem to be looking good when it comes to Ethereum. 
  • To start the year in such a position is something some cannot say.

Things seem to be looking good when it comes to Ethereum. To start the year in such a positive position is something some digital assets cannot say.

Since the 1st of January, the token has been able to appreciate 40% and has even surpassed the threshold of $1150 for the first time in three years.

At the start of last month, Ethereum 2.0 was brought into the community’s lives. With 2.0, a higher price for the token means that validators will be able to have higher earnings.

But further to this, it will also mean a higher barrier to entry for users who want to become participants of the network through buying and depositing 32 of the token.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is priced at $1134 following a 9% increase over the past 24 hours. The leading cryptocurrency has even reached a new all-time high earlier today of $35,000 despite being priced at $34,340 at the time of writing as well.

51,000 validated as of already been admitted, many of these participants will be taking full advantage of their roles opposing and voting on blocks.

On the 30th of December last week, 1000 new validated locked funds into the 2.0 deposit contract. Currently, the queue for validators is currently at more than 17,400 which means that anyone who joins 2.0 now by sticking to 32 Ethereum tokens will have to wait around 20 days before they’ll be able to actually access and do anything on the network.

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