Angela Rayner ‘proud’ of 12-hour ‘rave sessions’ as she describes ‘addiction’

Angela Rayner has described her love of 12-hour long “raves” and admitted to a diet of unhealthy foods and vaping.

The deputy Labour leader admitted that her personality clashed somewhat with that of “civil servant” Sir Keir Starmer in an itnerview with comedian Matt Forde at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The interview comes as Ms Rayner takes to the roads in a camper van around her northern industrial heartlands and described her roots in extreme poverty.

In her Fringe interview, The 43-year-old said that she had just returned from a holiday in Spain, during which she had been drinking from mid-afternoon to sunrise the next morning with little food and only the occasional glass of water.

She also revealed her brutal “venom” cocktail recipe and described the devastating effects it has on her party guests, Mail Online reports.

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Ms Rayner said: “The girls I was raving with are half my age, and I was like “I’m a grandma”. I was proud of that.

“4pm I started, and I got home at six o’clock in the morning when the sun was shining and I was like, ‘Yes, I can do it’.”

Asked if any “chemical support” was involved, she responded that she only had vodka.

She said: “You’ve got to go with the music, the vibes. You’ve got to be in the moment and it takes you,” to which Mr Forde responded: “That really sounds like you’ve done drugs. That’s the druggiest answer I’ve ever heard.”

She added that she likes to “let my hair down at home” by making her “lethal” Venom cocktail for friends.

The formidable recipe involves mixing a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Southern Comfort, ten bottles of Blue WKD and a litre of orange juice, with the deputy Labour leader saying: “If you’re ever having a crowd of you at home get that out and everyone will have a good time.”

She added that one of her guests once had to take his wife home because she’d had some Venom, while another ended up “curled up in the dog’s bed with the dog”.

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Her children also refer to her as the “vape dragon”, she said, due to her love of the smoking alternative.

She said: “Vaping is probably really bad for you and I will find out one day, but yeah I enjoy a good vape.”

Describing the difference between her and Sir Keir, she said that she is “more bombastic and in your face”.

Meanwhile Sir Keir takes a strategic approach, she said, with Ms Rayner describing him as “the ultimate public servant”.

The deputy Labour leader recently revealed more details about her difficult upbringing in on a council estate in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

From a young age she helped care for her mother who suffered from bipolar and could not read or write.

She was only able to access hot water when she went round her Nana’s once a week to have a bath.

“We were hungry, pretty much every day – worse in the holidays,” Angela said. “We were all really thin. I think my sister was hospitalised once, I think for two weeks, she was so thin. She was about eight.”

She also had to contend with crime on her estate, saying: “I was eight or 10 and I’d have to walk to the shops to get bread and milk and I knew I’d get leathered. I was beaten up all the time.”

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