AUKUS subs to be built in UK creating ‘thousands of jobs’

Rishi Sunak has secured a major win for Britain, as AUKUS submarines are set to be built in the UK creating thousands of jobs. The construction of submarines is expected to largely take place in Derby and Barrow-in-Furness, the Ministry of Defence said.

Britain is set to supply Australia with nuclear submarines as part of an attempt to support the nation in defending against a growing threat from China. 

Australia is expected to get eight nuclear-powered submarines from both the UK and the US, sources from both countries have said.

The UK Government has been in talks with Australia and the US since September 2021, when the Aukus defence partnership was announced.

While Australia was initially expected to opt for a US-designed submarine, rather than a British one, sources have since said the details of the deal have recently “gone our way”.

The Prime Minister is said to be “delighted” with the outcome of the talks, a senior British minister told the Guardian.

They added: “The deal has definitely gone our way. The Prime Minister was buzzing about it when he told ministers, smiling and bouncing on the balls of his feet.”

The first stage of the deal is expected to involve the US supplying Australia with submarines from its own fleet or construction schedule.

The vessels are likely to be jointly crewed and perhaps commanded by US troops, as it will take years for Australia to train enough nuclear-qualified submarine commanders.

Later down the line, the plan would involve the development of a joint Australian-UK boat.


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