BBC’s Robinson skewers Scottish Greens for backing Sturgeon’s indyref2 while Scots suffer

Scotland: Lorna Slater grilled on 'priority' of referendum

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BBC’s Radio 4 Today Programme host Nick Robinson insisted the Scottish people had higher priorities than Scottish independence. While speaking to the Scottish Green co-leader Lorna Slater, Mr Robinson said the party should focus on recovering from Covid, climate change issues and securing jobs rather than supporting Nicola Sturgeon’s push for independence. Ms Slater hit back claiming the Westminster Government was a danger to the Scottish people.

She added that many Scottish people they want a different future than the one Westminster offers.

Mr Robinson said: “My question to you is why you would occupy so much time, at a time of a series of emergencies.

“You can’t do both at the same time, there is a limit to the bandwidth of politics and the bandwidth of Government.”

Ms Slater argued the Scottish people were sick of Westminster and their failings.

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She said: “There is a limit to the number of people we are willing to see die due to the incompetence of the Westminster Tories.

“Things like their harsh inhumane DWP assessment, benefits assessments, the mishandling of the pandemic, the Home Office making life more miserable and dangerous for refugees.

“There is only so much of this human misery we can see dished out by Westminster before we say we have got to go another way.

“So many people in Scotland are looking at what is happening in the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon appears in SNP election campaign advert

“They are looking at what a disaster Brexit is, how that is destroying livelihoods and businesses and say we want to do something different.”

Mr Robinson highlighted other issues that the radio host believes Scottish voters would prioritise over independence.

He said: “You would look in the eyes of Scottish voters who have not got jobs, who believe there is a climate emergency, who can’t get the operation they need and are worried about global pandemics and say sorry we are busy as we are having a row with Westminster.

“A row over how we hand out political powers between Holyrood and Westminster.

“You believe that is the correct priority?”

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Ms Slater again snapped back and insisted the Westminster Government was not on the side of the Scottish people.

She said: “Westminster is not on our side and they are a danger to us.

“This is true in the sense it neglected its duty of care and buys nuclear weapons instead of giving people, carers and nurses a proper pay rise.

“The priority of Westminster will lead to more grinding austerity.

“It is not taking the climate crisis seriously either.”

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