Boris Johnson warned of flaws in green revolution plan – UK at risk of wasting opportunity

Boris Johnson’s green revolution plan discussed by Longworth

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Director-General of the think tank Centre for Brexit Policy, John Longworth, warned that the UK could waste the opportunities of a green revolution without a thorough plan. During an interview with, Mr Longworth insisted Boris Johnson must implement significant infrastructure for any green plans, like electric cars. He added, while green businesses need support and financial schemes, regular businesses also need this support to for the sake of the entire UK economy.

Mr Longworth said: “Growing back green is a good strapline, it reminds of Harold Wilson’s phrase the white heat of technology in the 1960s.

“Britain has potential advantages in developing green technology, so it is something we should focus on for the development of services and manufacturing in the future.

“But at the same time, we can’t rely on that solely.

“Any available investment should be more widely available to entrepreneurs and startups and growing businesses in the UK, not just green businesses.

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“This is because we can’t just rely on a very small sector of the economy for our entire future.”

Mr Longworth also highlighted the importance of having good infrastructure for any programme involving growth in the UK.

He said: “We are also going to have to be very careful that we have the infrastructure necessary to be able to fulfil some of the objectives that the build back greener programme have set out.

“For example, electric cars, we need to make sure we have the infrastructure for charging these cars.

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“We must also keep an eye on whether alternative technologies like hydrogen are just as good or more favourable than an electric solution.

“The UK is stepping up to these things, at least the private sector is.

“It is right that Boris is being optimistic and have some bold plans for the future of UK growth.

“But those bold plans haven’t appeared just yet, I have to say, accept in a small part.”

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Earlier this month, Mr Johnson reiterated his belief in building back Britain greener and more economically and environmentally stable.

On Earth Day he urged world leaders to join forces to cut carbon emissions, and told them that tackling the crisis would create jobs and boost economies across the globe.

Mr Johnson warned that hitting radical new targets for cutting greenhouse gases was not going to be easy.

But he said investing in green technology and making environmental changes will allow the world to “build back better” following the pandemic.

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