Brexit celebrations split Cornwall as council orders ‘offensive’ Union Jack flags removal

Brexit: Cornwall councillor slams decision to remove flags

Brexit supporters have slammed the council decision to remove the Union Jack flags raised as “a fun gesture” to celebrate the UK leaving the European Union. Cornish councillor and Brexiteer politician Oliver Monk weighed in on Penzance Council’s decision, telling RT: “The flags were put up as a fun gesture by a local businessman to celebrate our independence and finding ourselves again in the great wide world out there.”

Cllr Monk said: “It has been taken by the local politicians in that area as a way of somehow offending and they have decided to take them down very, very quickly.

“It’s the national flag, they’re not putting up anything offensive.”

He continued: “Surely the best thing to do would be to leave them there and try to gain support or not gain support and then if support was given by the rest of the council then fine they could have stayed and if there wasn’t, they could have pulled them down.

“But to pull them down within twenty-four hours when it is normally really difficult to get anything down quickly with the council just seems very much an overreaction at the very least.”

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The local politician added: “Cornwall voted on mass to leave the European Union and we know we have had a couple of elections to verify that referendum and we have now left.

“It just seems there is a remanence of the Labour Party really down in Penzance who seem adamant that they still won’t accept the result.

“It seems anything to do with Britain and its independence they seem hell-bent on pulling it down and just not let go.”

Asked by the host if he supported a petition to put the flags back up the councillor said: “I would support anything. There has been the suggestion that you put up the St Piran’s flag, which is the Cornish flag, up alongside the Union flag.

“I have absolutely no problem with that what so ever.”

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Nicole Broadhurst, the Labour mayor of Penzance, sparked fury among locals by taking down the 18 Union flags that were raised in the town.

The mayor claimed the flags were “unauthorised”.

Within 24 hours of the flags being erected on January 1, they had been removed leaving the poles empty.

Cornwall Council, which owns the flagpoles, did not authorise the mounting of the Union flags.

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Now there are calls for Ms Broadhurst to be removed from her official role.

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for this to happen.

Pressed on whether he supported calls for Mayor Broadhurst to be sacked, Cllr Monk replied: “No, I very much doubt she made the decision of her own back, I’m sure there were other people involved in making that decision.

“She was just a figurehead who had to do it.

“But no the mayor shouldn’t resign.”

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