Brexit news: Remainers to realise EU Exit nothing to worry about, says David Davis

Brexit: Remainers realise deal was 'not worth worry' says Davis

Mr Davis has predicted that Remainers will stop worrying about Brexit when many of the “threatened problems” never come to pass. Mr Davis argues that those fearing the outcome of Brexit will soon realise they were “fretting over nothing”. But the former frontbencher also forecast a “bitter minority” of campaigners will continue to protest despite the UK’s success after leaving the European Union. 

Speaking to LBC’s Iain Dale, Mr Davis said: “When most of the threatened problems don’t materialise that will be more important in many ways than the benefits which will bluntly take longer to come.

“They will take years to manifest whereas the problems of course, inevitably, are immediate.

“But when most of them don’t happen, when people actually can get their kids to go to European universities and indeed American universities, and Canadian, and Australian universities under the Turing Scheme…

“Then people will suddenly realise they were fretting about nothing.”

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Mr Davis continued: “There are a lot of Remainers, ex-Remainers as it is now, who are saying, ‘well if I thought we could have got this deal perhaps I would have voted Brexit in the first place.’

“There is quite a lot of resetting of people’s views.

“There is also a fatigue effect, people are just tired of it and they want it done and over. I think that’s had a powerful impact.

“I think that affected the last election to be truthful.

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Mr Davis added: “We will find only a small rather bitter minority will carry on this argument and people will stop paying attention.”

Asked by host Iain Dale if there was any aspect of the Brexit deal he was concerned about the former cabinet minister admitted to having not yet gone through the whole document.

“I have a confession to make, it takes me more than a  week to run twelve-hundred pages if it is a romantic novel let alone if it a legal document, ” he said.

“The simple truth is I haven’t been through every page yet.”

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Mr Davis added: “There will be hiccups in it I mean the hard truth is that the European Union has a tradition of being really tough about administrating its rights in treaties.

“Whether in dealing with internal members of the Union or external ones.

“I mean if you want examples, look at the way it treated Greece internally, look at the way it treated Switerzerland externally.

“For those who are not familiar with it, when the Swiss tried to tighten up their migration laws the European Union threatened to cancel every one of its trade treaties dating back twenty-odd years.”

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