Christmas 2021: PM tells nation festive season will be ‘better’ with £500m fund

Oliver Dowden vows to 'put turkeys on the table' at Christmas

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The Prime Minister brushed aside fears of winter shortages, insisting there was a “reliable supply chain”. His remarks follow warnings that a lack of lorry drivers could lead to empty supermarket shelves. He denied there was a national crisis and said “stresses and strains” on UK supply chains and the world economy were caused by “a giant waking up”.

Mr Johnson told a conference interview: “Christmas this year will be very considerably better. I think we have very reliable supply chains.”

The premier also said firms should pay their workers “a little bit more” to help with the increasing cost of living.

He added: “What I think is wrong is to take more money in taxation and use it to subsidise low pay. We have a £500million fund to help people through the winter.

“What I think should happen is that organically, business and industry should be paying people a little bit more in order to help them.”

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