‘Crying and in shock’ Pen Farthing heartbroken for staff turned around at gun point

Kabul: Pen Farthing recalls staff being turned away at airport

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Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Monday from Oslo, Norway, the founder of Kabul-based animal rescue chairty Nowzad recalled the dark moments leading up to his evacuation. He described the horrific ordeals he and his staff went through to get his rescue animals to Kabul airport as one attempt failed after the convoy of 170 animals were turned around at gunpoint by the Taliban.

Mr Farthing recalled “We had been turned around because we did not have the correct paperwork.

“Because the rules had changed just two hours before!

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to be turned around at gunpoint by the Taliban and forced back out into the streets.”

He added: “Especially in the aftermath of that absolutely horrendous bombing.”

But he admitted that he was “happy we got the animals out” despite leaving his staff behind.

He said how he had “mixed emotions” having landed safely back in the UK and is now in Oslo, Norway, in quarantine waiting to see his wife, Kaisa Markhus.

Mr Farthing added how Joe Biden “changed the rules” which made the evacuation nearly “run out of time”.

Mr Farthing went on to stress how no soldiers assisted in his evacuation of the airport despite his wife suggesting there was military assistance in getting the animals out.

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