Defiant MP Bridgen refuses to apologise for Holocaust vaccine comment

Andrew Bridgen alleges cover up on mRNA vaccines in December

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Suspended MP Andrew Bridgen has refused to apologise after he had the whip removed by the Conservative Party for likening the Covid vaccine to the Holocaust. The tweet led to claims by former Health Secretary Matt Hancock in Parliament to suggest that Mr Bridgen was anti-semitic but the North West Leicestershire MP has insisted he has been misrepresented.

In a statement, Mr Bridgen said: “I’m disappointed that the Chief Whip, Simon Hart, with the support of the Prime Minister, has chosen to suspend me as a member of the Conservative Parliamentary Party. My tweet of 11th of January was in no way anti-Semitic.

“Indeed, it alluded to the Holocaust being the most heinous crime against humanity in living memory. Of course, if anyone is genuinely offended by my use of such imagery, then I apologise for any offence caused.”

He went on: “I wholeheartedly refute any suggestions that I am racist and currently I’m speaking to a legal team who will commence action against those who have led the call suggesting that I am. Indeed, the Israeli doctor

“I quoted in my tweet has stated that there was nothing at all antisemitic about the statement. The fact that I have been suspended over this matter says much about the current state of our democracy, the right to free speech and the apparent suspension of the scientific method of analysis of medicines being administered to billions of people.”

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