Del Rio, Texas sees illegal immigrants pour in from around the world

Illegal immigrants surge into Texas hot spot

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin has the latest from La Joya, Texas on ‘Special Report.’

Illegal immigrants from around the world are turning up in Del Rio, Texas, attempting to cross the southern border.

The migrants caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border at the sector are not just coming from South American countries, with many coming from Africa and the Middle East.

Eritrea, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Lebanon and Tajikistan — next door to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan — were some of the countries from which the apprehended migrants had traveled.

October at the Del Rio border sector alone saw over 28,000 illegal migrants apprehended from 50 different countries.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent monitors single-adult male detainees at Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas, U.S. July 12, 2019.  
(REUTERS/Veronica G. Cardenas/File Photo)

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a statement on Tuesday outlining the countries of origin for the apprehended migrants.

“We encounter individuals from all over the world attempting to illegally enter our country,” Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens said in the release. “Our agents are focused and work hard to ensure that we detect, arrest, and identify anyone that enters our country in order to maintain [the] safety of our communities.”

Border Patrol agents and members of the National Guard patrol a checkpoint entry near the Del Rio International Bridge on September 22, 2021 in Del Rio, Texas. Thousands of immigrants, mostly from Haiti, seeking asylum have crossed the Rio Grande into the United States. Families are living in makeshift tents under the international bridge while waiting to be processed into the system. U.S. immigration authorities have been deporting planeloads migrants directly to Haiti while others have crossed the Rio Grande back into Mexico.
(Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

The apprehended migrants further illustrate the compounding crisis at the southern border that has largely been ignored by the Biden administration.

Vice President Harris, who was tapped by President Biden to be the point person on the border crisis, has largely been inactive when it comes to solving the issue.

The crisis has gotten so bad that Texan landowners affected by it have demanded that the federal government compensate them for damages sustained.

“It’s getting very expensive. We have heard nothing from the federal government on help for private property owners,” South Texans’ Property Rights Association executive director Susan Kibbe told Fox and Friends on Wednesday.

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