GB News: ‘Hell would freeze over’ before Macron apologises for Champions League final

French journalist 'ashamed' of police behaviour to Liverpool fans

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Media personality and author Christine Hamilton laughed at the notion of trying to get an apology from the French President saying, “hell would freeze over first”. Following the actions from the French police on the weekend, the event has been labelled as an echo of the Hillsborough disaster with crowds being tightly packed into spaces and being hit with tear gas.

Speaking on GB News, host Dan Wootton said: “I truly believe that President Macron should issue an apology now to the Liverpool club, Jurgen Klopp, and to the Liverpool fans, given the completely false statements from his two ministers.”

After criticism of the incident, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin stated his belief that thousands of Liverpool fans attempted to jump fences to enter the stadium despite accounts and footage proving this to be false.

Meanwhile, Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera then added fuel to the fire by suggesting that Liverpool fans posed a “very specific risk” to the authorities in France.

Both Ministers also claimed that approximately 40,000 fans turned up without tickets or in possession of false tickets which has been denied and subsequently slammed by Ms Hamilton on GB News.

She said: “Well they inflate the numbers, I mean 30-40,000 fake tickets, if it had been that number that is half the capacity of the stadium!”

She continued: “Honestly, the idea that Macron is ever going to apologise to the Brits…hell would freeze over first, it doesn’t matter what they’ve done.

“He thinks that we should apologise for rescuing them in World War Two for goodness sake and you know, don’t forget Waterloo!

“It won’t happen, it absolutely won’t happen.”

Panellist Adam Brooks, businessman and activist said: “On Saturday night I saw the videos as they were happening, and you see kids crying, women crying, and it was so needless and so wrong.”

Ms Hamilton accused the authorities of lying, saying: “They’ve lied about it, but almost worse is the fact that the Deputy Mayor of the 12th arrondissement, which is where the Stade de France is, has apologised.

“Now if he can see that he was wrong and he has issued an apology, why the hell can’t Macron!”

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In an open letter to Liverpool fans, Deputy Mayor Richard Bouigue said: “I bitterly regret that Liverpool fans were singled out for criticism.

“We must cut through the useless polemics, establish the facts, and compare them with the smooth running of the fan zone. The time for official denial is over, the time for apologies must be imposed.”

Mr Wootton slammed the “despicable” actions of the French authorities saying that picking on English fans was like picking “low hanging fruit” and that “the French government bought into an easy stereotype and it is despicable”.

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