‘He’s not a socialist!’ Momentum founder launches vicious Starmer rant over Rayner sacking

Labour: Jon Lansman criticises Keir Starmer

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Momentum founder and life long left-wing campaigner Jon Lansman descended into a ferocious attack on Keir Starmer for sacking Deputy leader Angela Rayner as chair of the Labour Party. He skewered Starmer for not being a “socialist” and furiously slammed Sir Keir “scapegoating” Angela Rayner who was dumped yesterday following Labour’s disastrous election results. 

Furious Lansman said: “I don’t know if he’s a socialist at heart, I don’t think he has demonstrated it in the last year in the way that he demonstrated it in the video that opened his election campaign.

“Do I think he’s honoured his promise to take responsibility for the result? No, he hasn’t! He’s scape coated Angela Rayner and sacked her!”

The Momentum founder went on in his vicious rant: “He’s sacked the most prominent working-class member of the shadow cabinet at a time when we are seriously lacking in working-class MP’s!”

But host Tom Swarbrick questioned that if Angela Raynor failed at her job, surely she should lose her job.

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But Lansman was quick to respond: “She did not manage the campaign in Hartlepool!

“It was Keir’s office that chose the Remain-supporting candidate that lost. They knew that the Brexit party had 10,000 votes in the last election and we had a 3,000 majority in the last election.”

He pinned the blame on Starmer by adding the decision to run a remainer “was not sensible” and “that was not down to Angela Rayner” he added, “Keir said he would take responsibility, it is his responsibility that he has not articulated a coherent vision for economic transformation!”

Furious Mr Lansman concluded: “She has no responsibility for that vision and that is the heart of the problem!”

Keir Starmer outlines planned Labour Party 'changes'

Angela Rayner was spectacularly sacked from her role as Labour Party chair by Keir Starmer last night following a disastrous set of local election results and the loss of former Labour stronghold Hartlepool in a by-election.

The Left-wing writer for the Guardian newspaper Owen Jones commented: “Keir Starmer and his team are trying to scapegoat Angela Rayner for Labour’s disaster.

“Trying to pin the blame on a working-class woman for their lack of vision or strategy, their lack of answers to the country’s problems. The absolute pits.”


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Mr Jones added: “Keir Starmer is proving to be the worst of all worlds – unprincipled and unelectable.”

The Conservatives won the Hartlepool by-election by 52 percent of the vote to 29 percent – Hartlepool, which voted to leave the EU in 2016.

Labour have lost control of seven councils and a massive 301 councillors across England with 133 out of 143 council declared as of midday on Sunday.

By Sunday the Tories had added 11 councils and 242 councillors to their tally.

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