John Catsimatidis rips Biden energy plan, predicts it will hurt 'every consumer'

Billionaire John Catsimatidis rips Biden energy, economic plan

Gristedes, WABC radio owner tells ‘Kudlow’ Democrats are ‘conning’ Americans into unreliable, unsafe energies

President Biden's plan to combat climate change will hurt "every consumer" in America, businessman and philanthropist John Catsimatidis told FOX Business Network's "Kudlow" Friday.

The host began the interview by noting that the U.S. formally rejoined the Paris Agreeement earlier Friday, with Biden demanding the country get to "net-zero" emissions by 2035.

"What’s even worse, Larry, is that oil went from $45-$50 a barrel to over $60 a barrel," responded Catsimatidis, who owns a Pennsylvania-based gasoline refining company as well as New York City's Gristedes Supermarkets chain and WABC-AM radio.

"What does that mean? It means every consumer, the poor, the middle class, gets hurt, and they are paying more for their food and they are paying more for their gasoline and paying more for everything, so it’s a tax on the consumer," said Catismatidis.

Catsimatidis added that "America has 100 years worth of oil between Canada and the United States. China and Asia have no oil. Europe has no oil …What they are trying to do is they are conning the American people to believe that we should go that way too," referring to China and Europe's reliance on electric cars and green energy.


"But that’s not the right way to go. If you listen to what the scientists have to say, those electric cars are more dangerous than living under an antenna. They put out so much radiation to the people that are inside the cars than anything else."

Catsimaditis admitted that people "should always be more careful with our environment, but let’s look at the Paris Accord.

"They want us to cooperate tomorrow morning, and the Chinese don’t have to cooperate until 2035 which is crazy, because they’re putting out five to 10 times more emissions than we are, so it should be what’s fair for everybody."


Catsimatidis also acknowledged that he was "seriously considering" running for mayor of New York City, something he attempted in 2013 as a self-described "Republican-Liberal" candidate.

We love New York. I could fix New York in 90 days if I became mayor," he said before urging the viewers to question anyone who runs for public office as to their stance on law and order and support for police.

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