Keir Starmer kisses wife doctor after first conference speech but who is she?

Keir Starmer refers to Boris Johnson as a ‘tool’ during speech

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Sir Keir Starmer made his Labour Party conference debut this morning, delivering a lengthy speech to attending members. He outlined his hopes for the party during some extensive heckling, with commitments to fighting crime, a Green New Deal and a couple of barbs thrown at Boris Johnson. Once he finished, people watched him disembark the stage into his wife’s arms, where he planted a quick peck.

Who is Keir Starmer’s wife?

Sir Keir has remained tight0lipped on his family life during his tenure as Labour leader.

But what is known is that he married his wife Victoria 14 years ago in 2007.

Lady Victoria is, like her husband, a trained lawyer, but now works in occupational health.

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