‘Labour’s worst nightmare’ Starmer to be delivered hammerblow if Mordaunt picked as new PM

Penny Mordaunt is Tory's 'most electable' candidate says expert

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One of the leading contenders to become Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, Penny Mordaunt, would probe to be a considerable challenge to the Labour Party, the i paper’s senior reporter Benjamin Butterworth. The former Defence Secretary turned international trade minister is running neck and neck with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in a tight race for the Conservative leadership, according to the latest polls. The Betfair Exchange shows Mr Sunak is leading the race with odds of 15/8 of winning while Ms Mordaunt stands not far behind on 9/4.

Mr Butterworth says that her victory at the helm of the Conservative party is the worst-case scenario for Labour.

He told GB News: “As far as the Labour Party is concerned, Penny Mordaunt is their worst nightmare. You know, I think she’s the most electable of them all.

“I’m not convinced the Tory Party will vote for her yet but if I had to put a bet on tonight if I am putting a bet on tonight, I would put my bet on Penny Mordaunt winning.”

In a drastic change of attitude from her predecessor, Ms Mordaunt made it clear in her campaign video that under her tenure, the focus would be on Government and policy instead of personality.

“Our leadership has to change. It needs to become a little less about the leader and a lot more about the ship,” she said in a tweet with her campaign video set to the English patriotic hymn, I Vow To Thee, My Country.

Ms Mordaunt is now second to former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the number of endorsements from Tory MPs with more than 20 backing her now to become the next Prime Minister.

The lesser-known politician broke into politics in 2010 when she became MP for Portsmouth North, which she has since then held.

From 2018 onwards, she held other positions such as minister for women and equalities, international development secretary and defence secretary under Theresa May’s premiership

Penny Mordaunt has had several heated exchanges with the Labour party over Brexit and the Government’s Scheme to welcome Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn country.

On BBC Question Time, she rejected criticism from Labour’s North Ireland Secretary Peter Kyle who claimed Ukrainian faced a mountain of paperwork when the policy was put into place in March.

“Shame on you, that is completely untrue,” she lashed out.

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An ardent Brexiteer, she also accused Labour of undermining the UK in Brexit talks by claiming Britain is not prepared for a no-deal scenario in December 2020, as talks with Brussels had reached a stalemate.

In a direct message to Labour, she blasted: “These are serious times and none of us should be doing anything which may undermine the possibility of a deal that we all want.”

There are currently 10 Tory MPs running to succeed Boris Johnson in Number 10 following his resignation last week.

Following changes to the election rules, 1922 Committee char Sir Graham Brady announced on Monday the new leader of the Conservative Party, and next Prime Minister, will be confirmed on September 5.

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