‘Oh come on!’ Labour MP mocked for disaster Starmer – ‘Made NO progress at all’

Thangam Debbonaire grilled on Labour polling by Phillips

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The Bristol West MP insisted Labour are posing a credible opposition to a Government embroiled in numerous sleaze and lobbying scandals but Mr Phillips was not so sure of the MP’s claims as he accused the party of making little progress despite ample opportunity.

Mr Phillips said: “We have got a Government whose reputation is in tatters, a Prime Minister who seems should be ready for resignation…. Sleaze on the back benches….

“How is it conceivable that Her Majesty’s opposition is still behind the polls?”

Ms Debbonaire hit back immediately saying Labour have “started to turn a corner” since the historic 2019 defeat.

But Mr Phillips stopped the Labour MP in her tracks, slamming: “Oh come on! Come on! You and I have discussed all that before. You’re making no progress at all!”

The Bristol West MP said that was not a fair assumption as she insisted Sir Keir is showing the British public that “there really is an alternative to a man such as Boris Johnson who thinks he is above the law”.

She added: “And Keir Starmer who literally enforced the law. I think people can really see that contrast. 

“They are starting to get to know him now after a year in which it was very difficult for the opposition to get airtime. I think we are now turning that corner.”

The Bristol West MP insisted Labour came out of their conference with “really strong” with bold policies on climate change.

She went further, saying: “I think that we are showing the country that there is an alternative, we have got a way to go before a general election and I am really sure Keir is showing a difference.

Mr Phillips hammered back: “With respect to you Ms Debbonaire you said that to me three months ago when we last spoke! Nothing has changed! Why not?”

The Bristol West MP hit back insisting that analysis was not fair claiming that the public are now starting to see Sir Keir “as the Prime Minister I know he would be”. 

She claimed he is someone who can be relied on “as opposed to Boris Johnson who can’t”.

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