Parents warned to watch out for woke teaching

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Children are being taught in school that women can have a penis, men can get pregnant and Britain is a racist country, a study has revealed.

It comes as parents are warned they must be “vigilant” against increasingly politicised classroom teaching on race, sex and gender.

The research indicates that one in 10 sixth form pupils want to change their gender or have already done so – while more than half know someone at school who is trans.

Parents need to form a national union and fight to put “objective, established knowledge back at the heart of schooling”, according to cross-party think-tank Civitas.

The poll of 16 to 18-year-olds discovered that a third of teenagers have been taught that “a woman can have a penis” and one in five were told “a man can get pregnant”.

Almost a quarter were informed about bondage, dominance and sado-masochism in sex education lessons – while just over 40 percent were told that Britain is “a racist country” and that “young men are a problem for society”.

Two-thirds were told to understand that “sex is assigned at birth”, rather than a biological reality.

Jo-Anne Nadler, the report’s author, said: “Our polling shows that parents are thoughtful and understand that contentious ideas must be discussed in school, but materials must be age-appropriate.

“What can be political ideas, about race, sexuality and even the ­environment, must be presented with proper attention to impartiality as required by law.”

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Ms Nadler added: “It is alarming to see that almost half of pupils report feeling uncomfortable about expressing their opinions on contentious issues, even in schools which do promote a diversity of viewpoints.

“Governments need to come clean about their role in embedding politics throughout the curriculum.”

Mums and dads overwhelmingly want the legal right to see sex education material, her survey of parents with pupils aged 12 to 16 found.

Three-quarters want the creation of a register of external groups allowed into schools to teach children about sex, gender and relationships.

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