RNC Chairwoman McDaniel: COVID and Biden – latest mask move undermines vital vaccine message

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This week, the Biden administration yet again reversed its previous guidance on wearing masks. Democrats are predictably applauding. The Biden administration is now mandating that vaccinated Americans wear masks indoors. 

Even worse, they now say vaccinated and unvaccinated children must wear masks in school.  And it doesn’t matter to Biden and the Democrats that – thankfully – children are at almost zero risk of serious illness from COVID-19. Democrats are failing to follow the science on vaccination and masking, and Americans are sick and tired of these ever-changing, authoritarian decrees. 

Thanks to Operation Warp Speed – President Trump’s groundbreaking vaccine development program – millions of Americans have rolled up their sleeves and gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. They did so in part because they felt the vaccine was a pathway back to normalcy. 

As recently as two months ago, the same CDC flip-flopping today told Americans directly that they could un-mask after receiving the vaccine. Unelected health officials created an incentive structure for vaccination by promising that we could unmask and have the freedom to mingle. 

Now, they’re casually changing their minds. For them to backtrack and re-mandate masks will undermine confidence in the vaccines across America.  

 However, this brand of unsteady, shifting “leadership,” and distrust of the American people should surprise none of us. 

Just consider the incredible history of hypocrisy from Democrat leaders on wearing masks. California Gov. Gavin Newsom drew national headlines for dining, unmasked, at an expensive restaurant in the midst of California’s mask mandates and lockdowns. 

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been repeatedly caught violating her own mask mandate in the Great Lakes State. 

Biden administration climate czar and former Secretary of State John Kerry has been caught hypocritically unmasked in public twice, once on a plane. And who could forget the Texas Democrats who abandoned their constituents and flew to Washington, D.C. for a taxpayer-funded vacation? 

They hopped on a private plane maskless and shortly became a COVID-19 super-spreader group when six of them tested positive. This came after a week of meetings with Democrat officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris. 

 It’s no surprise that many Americans scoff at new mask mandates, given that the hypocritical politicians pushing their return only follow them when convenient. 

In contrast, Republican leaders continue to side with science and the liberties of Americans. Republicans governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have rejected government mask mandates instead empowering their constituents to make the best decision for themselves and their families.

Most concerning is the renewed effort to force our children into unnecessarily wearing masks. Children have gotten a brutal deal throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; over-extended school closures have had devastating impacts on our kids’ development and mental health, with minority and low-income children hardest hit. 

Kids like my own have missed out on the crucial growth that comes from learning in the classroom alongside their classmates. 

Randi Weingarten, the leader of the American Federation of Teachers whose union politically influenced the White House’s policy guidance on school closures – deserves significant blame for hurting parents and kids nationwide with her misguided policy. And the Biden White House deserves significant blame for listening to Weingarten. 

The science is simple: COVID-19 does not present a significant risk to our kids. They should be back in school, unmasked and carefree – the way that kids are supposed to be. 

There’s no question that COVID-19 is a serious health threat. But there’s also no question that we have turned the corner in the fight against the pandemic. 

The vaccine is free and widely available and COVID death rates have plunged significantly from their peak. 

Certainly some people will choose to continue masking, and that’s fine. However, the Biden administration and Democrats have lost the trust of the American people. They no longer have a right to force us and our kids to wear masks after being vaccinated. 


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