Scotland’s shame: Children as young as 7 being forced to STARVE in Glasgow – SNP blamed

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Claims made by Alba Party politician and activist/ Glasgow resident Eva Comrie suggest that young people are being forced to starve in the Scottish city under SNP leadership. She claimed that the young children are turning up alone to local soup kitchens, after suffering from the effects of poverty.

She claims the Government would rather spend money on “special advisers” rather than spending on universal free lunches and breakfasts for nurseries, primary and secondary schools in Scotland even during holidays, or other prevalent issues.

The politician addressed the themes of poverty, hunger and drugs in an episode of the podcast Through A Scottish Prism this week, and referred to recent instances from a soup kitchen in Glasgow.

She said: “A couple of customers the other night were primary school children.

“Seven and eight-year-olds starving on the streets of Glasgow in 2021.”

She branded this incident “absolutely disgusting” in her discussion with Alba Party councillor Michelle Ferns and podcast host Roddy, and said it was due to worsen in the coming years, claiming that the figures of child poverty in Glasgow are set to rise to 38 percent.

Ms Comrie, who originates from Clackmannanshire, which she refers to as “the smallest area on the mainland”, said that the issues being experienced in her small town are the same ones facing the major Scottish city.

She noted that these issues were “hunger, want and poverty in a land of plenty”, which Ms Ferns claims are more concentrated in the region that is occupied by approximately 600,000 people.

The blame is said to lie at the door of the SNP, who are responsible for running the council in regions across the country.

Ms Ferns said issues in the area were due to administrative competence and executive competence, and that the Scottish government creates “a lot of noise but not much action”.

Glasgow City Council’s leadership has come under scrutiny for other issues as of late, with a recent survey showing extreme dissatisfaction with their leadership.

Cllr Malcolm Cunning, leader of Glasgow Labour, said: “Glasgow is filthy as a result of SNP mismanagement, but the council leader seems oblivious to the facts.

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“This is no judgement on the hard-working staff; it is a judgement on Susan Aitken’s leadership.

“It’s time for an administration which puts our city first because Glasgow deserves better.”

Children in both urban and rural areas are said to be impacted by issues such as insecurity, poor housing, poor educational attainment and poor health outcomes according to the discussion.

The issues are said to have been made more stark thanks to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, as the Alba Party politicians claim money has been allocated to other subjects elsewhere rather than the issue of poverty.

A new poll has also revealed that satisfaction with council services in Glasgow has plummeted to a record low, under SNP management.

In a “household survey” conducted by Glasgow City Council’s, only 48 percent of residents said they were satisfied, down from 67 percent in the last survey in 2019.

The findings come amid anger from residents in relation to the state of the city’s streets and community closures as a result of SNP cuts.

The results have been described as “devastating” by Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader and Glasgow MSP, who says they show “that public satisfaction in the council has been eroded by the SNP”.

“Cutbacks implemented by SNP government and meekly accepted by the local administration have had a catastrophic impact on communities.

“While rubbish piles up and libraries close, council leader Susan Aitken has been missing in action.

“It simply isn’t good enough and it’s time for a new broom in Glasgow.”

The survey was conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the council as part of a regular series, involving a representative sample of 1,004 residents between April and June this year.

Glasgow City Council, the largest SNP run council in Scotland, has been contacted for comment.

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