‘Total disgrace’ Yvette Cooper hits out at Liz Truss ‘more graft’ comment

Rinder grills Yvette Cooper on Labour 'not supporting' strikes

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Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary under Sir Keir Starmer, slammed Ms Truss for having “absolutely no idea” about the plight of working class people across the country, accusing the foreign secretary of adopting a typical London-centric attitude to politics. Ms Cooper appeared furios at the suggestion made by Ms Truss that Britons outside London were not working hard enough, adding that the majority of people are “doing the best they can to keep everything together” in the face of “nightmare inflation” and “soaring energy bills”. 

Ms Cooper said: “Do you know, it is a total disgrace what Liz Truss has said. I think it reveals what she really thinks. 

“This comes after the proposal she put forward to cut public sector pay in the north and other parts of the country so that teaching assistants and nurses here in Yorkshire would get paid less than people in London or the southeast. 

“And she has also now just said that people should be working harder outside of London. She has absolutely no idea that people are working incredibly hard. 

“There are people who are getting up to go to their shifts right now working incredibly hard to make ends meet, facing these nightmare inflation figures, these soaring energy bills, and doing their best to keep everything together. And what they’ve been given is this insult that just shows Liz Truss does not understand working people right across the country.” 


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