William Hague savages Johnson and Truss for ‘screwing things up’

Boris Johnson discusses partygate and Brexit three years on

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William Hague has taken a swipe at former Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, saying they should take responsibility for sowing “chaos”. The former Conservative Party leader accused the two of scapegoating after “completely screwing things up”. He condemned “false narratives of conspiracies and misrepresenting failure as victimhood” from leaders who blame the establishment for their mistakes.

Writing in the Times, he added: “If you became Prime Minister, with a majority behind you and a decent term in front of you, but were overthrown amid chaos, there is indeed someone to blame. It’s you.”

On Sunday, Ms Truss wrote a 4,000-word article in which she claimed her plans were brought down by “the left-wing economic establishment”.

In an interview with Spectator TV yesterday, Ms Truss appeared to blame officials for the chaos in the markets after her mini-budget, saying no one told her about the risk to pension funds.

She said she “would have done things differently” if she had known about the issue, adding: “Probably there should have been better communication as well, but it was something I simply did not know about.

“I didn’t know the existence of LDIs, which turned out to be the main problem the following week.

Ms Truss continued: “Of course, this is really a matter for the Chancellor rather than the Prime Minister.

“But my understanding is he wasn’t informed of this either.

“I do think it’s something that should have been better understood and communicated.”

She also launched a challenge to Mr Sunak’s tax rises, calling for the UK to pursue a growth agenda.

The former Prime Minister said the UK needs to “do things differently” as it has had “low economic growth for over a decade”.

She warned the UK is “falling behind other countries”, adding: “There’s no doubt there’s a problem”.

Her Government lasted just 49 days after its mini-budget spooked financial markets, prompting Tory MPs to force her resignation.

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Meanwhile, Boris Johnson blamed the Tory “herd” for moving against him after he was removed from power.

Mr Hague said Mr Johnson “showed no awareness of any personal failings that had led his party to turn on him”, having broken Covid rules “that no one had previously thought it necessary to state”.

Speaking about Ms Truss, the former Tory leader said: “The problem was not the power of a left-wing establishment but the force of good old right-wing arithmetic: there are limits on spending money you haven’t got.”

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