Abused wife knifed husband to death and told 999 ‘he deserves everything he got’

A wife who killed her ‘abusive’ husband by stabbing him three times told a 999 call handler “I killed my husband because I've had enough”.

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed David Jackson, 78, with a kitchen knife after claiming she couldn't put up with him anymore.

The jury at Bristol Crown Court heard an 18-minute call between Jackson and a call handler, where she told them "I tried to stab him through the heart but he doesn't have one".

During the call, Mrs Jackson claimed she stabbed him because she had enough of what she described as an “abusive relationship”.

The couple had been married since 1996 and prosecutors said friends and family believed they had a happy and normal relationship.

Prosecutors said Jackson spoke calmly during the call, which was made straight after the stabbing on February 13 this year at their home in Berrow, Somerset.

When an operator asked where her husband was, she said “He is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck."

The call started with her husband telling the operator he had been stabbed before Mrs Jackson took the phone from him.

She stated: "I killed my husband because I've had enough.

"I might go and stab him again. I am in the lounge, he is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck."

Mrs Jackson repeatedly told operators that she would not help him because she was fed up with his “abuse and the nastiness”.

She told the operator that she knows the call is recorded but said her husband “deserves everything he has got”.

According to the conversation between Mrs Jackson and the 999 operator, after being stabbed once her husband said she would not do it again so she stabbed him twice.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and were also heard on the call.

Mrs Jackson told them: “I'll end up in prison but that is preferable to my life now."

Police officers arrived and arrested her on suspicion of murder.

Mr Jackson couldn't be saved and died as a result of stab wounds, a post mortem later revealed.

The court heard the couple had reportedly been on a Zoom call with their daughter and son-in-law and had a lovely meal before he "went off on one."

The trial also heard that police had been called just before Christmas last year when he grabbed her by the arm and left her with bruises in a row sparked about the volume button on a remote control.

When the defendant reported it to police at the time, she told them it was "out of character," Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC told the jury.

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Prosecutor Quinlan told the trial: "She persistently refused to follow operator's instructions including the paramedic who came onto the call to try and save her dying husband.

"Police attended with a doctor to try and his save life but the blood loss was too great."

The jury heard the defendant had been charged with murder, which she denies, but she had accepted manslaughter.

The trial, which is expected to last two weeks, continues.

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