Alcohol-free drinks could rescue Britain’s struggling pubs from going bust

Alcohol-free beer has been tipped to rescue the nation’s struggling pubs.

As boozers continue to close amid the cost of living crisis, one expert reckons non-alcoholic drinkers may one day become the face of pub clientele.

Pub sales soared to £367million last year – double what they were six years ago – and one-in-three pub visits are now by folk gasping for booze-free drinks.

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CAMRA chief executive Tom Stainer said the growing trend of sober punters could help drive pub sales as they grapple with skyrocketing energy bills.

He said: "It is a growing trend at the moment. Why would you make someone feel unwelcome by not supplying a product they are looking for.

"A good pub is one that has a range of all sorts of drinks, that could be non-alcohol drinks and coffee if they can because that is how you bring people through the door."

A study by accountants UHY Hacker Young found the nation’s bar bankruptcies last year were near the highest level in a decade – as more than 500 folded.

It's seen the number of licensed venues in the UK plunge 15% in the same time with an average of 466 businesses going bankrupt each year.

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Those alcohol free drinkers may be key to helping pubs out in the cost of living crisis, but Brits have already weighed in on what the best spot for a boozy night out is.

Daily Star previously reported the Twitter poll which hoped to get to the bottom of where the best night out in the UK is, with obvious contenders Manchester and Newcastle thrown in next to some odder choices.

One wildcard option was Swindon, with one user writing "you really get me" in response to the potential party place.

But the best of the bunch was clearly the so-called "world's worst city", with Daily Star tipping the city of Hull as a fine spot for a booze up.

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