Anti-Putin militia fighting in Russia say ‘time for Kremlin dictatorship to end’

Rebellious "Russians" are on a mission take back the Kremlin and end the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.

Excursions in the Belgorod region of Russia have captured the attention of the globe with Putin and Kremlin claiming that Ukrainian militants have crossed the border into its territory.

Reports claim that the group has self-identified as ethnic Russian and regards itself as an anti-Kremlin militia.

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Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has said that this may well be the case with many ethnic Russians living in Ukraine, but has insisted they are still “Ukrainian militants” with local authorities declaring a counter-terrorism investigation to stamp down on the advances.

Ukraine has denied affiliation with militia members, who have been operating in the Grayvoronsky district of Belgorod.

But some in Russia claim Putin is losing his grip, with the incursion coming as a sign people are beginning to push to end his time at the head of the country.

Political representative for the Freedom of Russia Legion Ilya Ponomarev told theExpressthat this remarkable event could come with “devastating” consequences on the psychological health of those within the Kremlin by heightening a sense of “vulnerability”.

The outlet reports that units from the Legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps have now taken the village of Kozinka and are on the move towards the town of Graivoron.

It, however, has not been verified at the time of writing that these groups are the ones involved in the operation.

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They say they are fighting to secure a demilitarized zone around the border between Russia and Ukraine in a bid to stop Russia from using its own territory – out of the acceptable area for Ukraine to attack – to fire into the besieged nation.

The Russian army is understood to have been mobilised to meet the attackers.

Former Russian MP Ponomarev explained how holding the territory would be hard – but the key aim of rattling bosses in the Kremlin was well underway.

He said: "The message is not for Putin, the message is for Russian elites and ordinary people.

"They (the Kremlin) are lying to you, they are not in control of the situation and also a very important thing – [it shows] that the Russian resistance exists, because they are actually trying to downplay this.

"The Russian official propaganda is in a state of shock."

He reckons that border attacks like this might become increasingly common.

"For the first time the white, blue and white flag is actually flying above Russian territory.

"That's very important. It's not Ukrainians who are liberating Russia, but Russians.

"Russians are going home to liberate their country from Putin's tyranny. The final destination is Moscow, the Kremlin."

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