Anti-vax beauty therapist 'will refuse clients who have had Covid jab'

Anti-vaxxer beauty therapist is condemned for saying she will REFUSE to treat anyone who has had the Covid vaccination

  • Sarah McCutcheon, based in Glasgow, said she would refuse vaccinated clients
  • Wellness and Wellbeing With Sarah announced the policy on its Instagram page
  • National Hair and Beauty Federation says it goes against Government guidance 

An anti-vax beauty therapist has said she will refuse to treat anyone who has been vaccinated against coronavirus. 

Sarah McCutcheon, based in Glasgow, wrote in a post on her business’ Instagram page: ‘We will not treat anyone who has had a Covid-19 jab.’  

The owner of Wellness and Wellbeing With Sarah made the comment alongside a post from an Australian hair salon which read: ‘We are not your hairdresser if you have had the Covid vax.’ 

She added: ‘We agree and will not conduct massages or treatments on any vaccinated people…sorry not sorry.’

The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) told the Daily Record such a policy would go against Government guidance, which should be followed to keep customers safe.      

When pressed to explain herself, Ms McCutcheon wrote via her business page: ‘Many of my loyal long term clients follow a very natural path and I want to ensure they feel safe in the environment that they come to relax in.

Sarah McCutcheon told customers via her business page that she would not be providing treatment to those who have had a Covid-19 jab

‘There is no long-term data to secure us at this moment in time, there are too many related illnesses, they are experimental vaccines and have caused many injury!’

The post said the company had been asking anyone inquiring about treatments whether or not they had been vaccinated.

It added: ‘To reduce repetition to single messages we have decided to follow on and post that we will not conduct treatments on any vaccinated person, please respect our personal choices.’ 

It comes after recent research carried out by Public Health England showed the Pfizer jab is 96 per cent effective against hospitalisation from the Delta variant after two doses. 

Meanwhile the AstraZeneca is 92 per cent effective.   

Despite the jab’s objective success, conspiracy theorists have continued to cast doubt on its safety and effectiveness on social media.   

The NHBF said it closely follows Covid-19 guidance issued by the Scottish and UK governments, including that around the vaccine roll-out.

Ms McCutcheon’s Instagram page says she has 10-plus years of experience as a beauty therapist and has a Higher National Diploma (HND) in beauty therapy.

Wellness and Wellbeing With Sarah has been contacted for comment.  

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