Are you a good driver? Answer these tricky questions to find out

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Most drivers complete their driver’s licence test as a teenager and never look back.

With a mix of theory and practice, the provisional licence test in Australia covers everything from speed limits to overtaking and parallel parking.

While some drivers have conditions placed on their licence and must complete semi-regular “fitness to drive” assessments, most people won’t be forced to formally test their driving knowledge again.

However, with the Queensland government now considering re-testing motorists when they renew their licence, there’s a possibility we could all soon be facing more stringent requirements.

If you think you’re a good driver, it’s time to test your knowledge. Answer these multiple-choice questions to see how you score. For a more detailed explanation of the answers, scroll down past the quiz.

Road rules explained

Is it illegal to drive barefoot or in thongs or sandals? There are no rules around footwear while driving in any state or territory of Australia. However, motorists could face significant penalties for driving without proper control of their vehicle, and loose or unsuitable footwear could be identified as the cause.

If you’re travelling through a residential area but cannot see any speed signs, at what speed should you travel? The default speed limit in built-up areas around Australia is 50km/h unless otherwise specified.

How long do you need to indicate before pulling out of a parking space? Before pulling out into traffic from a parked position, motorists must indicate for a minimum of five seconds.

Who has the right of way in this scenario at a T-intersection?

Who has the right of way in this scenario at a T-intersection? The pedestrian (B) has the right of way in this scenario. Under the Australian Road Rules, at a T-intersection, drivers have to give way to a pedestrian crossing the section of road the driver is entering, but not to pedestrians crossing the section of road the driver is leaving.

Can you drive through a red light to make way for emergency vehicles? In New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, drivers can move through a red light to move out of an emergency vehicle’s path as long as it is safe to do so.

However, in the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory, drivers are not permitted to drive through a red light to make way for an emergency vehicle – but they may edge forward and encroach slightly on the intersection if it is safe to do so.

When should you dip your high beams? The road rules state that drivers should not use high-beam headlights when driving less than 200m behind a vehicle travelling in the same direction, or less than 200m away from an oncoming vehicle.

How long should you stop at a stop sign? The Australian Road Rules require all motorists to come to a complete stop at any stop sign or stop line and give way to any approaching road users before proceeding. The length of time is irrelevant as long as the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

When should you keep left unless overtaking? In all Australian states and territories except Queensland, the road rules require drivers travelling on any multi-lane road with a speed limit of 80km/h or higher to stay out of the right lane unless overtaking or turning right, or unless all lanes are congested. In Queensland, the same rule applies, but to multi-lane roads with a slightly higher speed limit of 90km/h or above.

Who has the right of way in this scenario, car A or car B?

Who has the right of way in this scenario, car A or car B? At an intersection without signs or signals, drivers must give way to their right. Thus, car A must give way to car B, which has the right of way.

Is it legal to park across your own driveway? Regardless of who owns the driveway, Australian motorists are not permitted to park across a driveway unless they are dropping off or picking up passengers, don’t leave their vehicle, and are gone within two minutes of stopping. This road rule does not apply to police and emergency vehicles.

Can you break the speed limit in an emergency? Drivers cannot break the speed limit for any reason. In the event of an emergency, you are expected to call 000 and request an emergency vehicle.

Can you have any alcohol in your system if you’re a supervising driver for a learner? All states and territories, except the ACT, allow supervising drivers to have a BAC of less than 0.05 per cent. Formal driving instructors must have a BAC of zero. In the ACT, all supervising drivers must have a BAC of zero.

What does this sign mean?

What does this sign mean? Yellow speed signs show the recommended speed limit for a corner or curve in the road. While this speed limit is not enforced, it dictates the recommended maximum speed limit for a particular stretch of road in good conditions.

At a roundabout, who do you need to give way to? Before entering a roundabout, you must give way to any vehicles already in the roundabout – meaning vehicles in the roundabout on your right, as well as vehicles that have entered the roundabout from your left or opposite you. Cyclists are required to follow the same rules as motorists. Vehicles do not need to give way to pedestrians at roundabouts unless there is a pedestrian crossing.

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