Astrid Wett hits out at trolls ‘desperate to make her look bad’ after table slam

Astrid Wett has hit back at trolls who she thinks are “desperate to make her look bad”.

The content creator had been due to fight against Aston Villa-mad Alexia Grace in just moments before their fight when all hell seemingly broke loose.

Grace, who had turned up with Astrid's Mavericks belt which she had stolen back in May, received a slap in the face from the Chelsea fan.

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Clearly taking an issue with this, Grace drove into Astrid' and slammed her into an unfortunately-placed table.

The table smashed and Astrid' was taken off in an ambulance.

Some, however, including content creator and influencer boxing maestro Elle Brooke hit out at the altercation, which took place some 30 minutes before their fight, as others branded it as a WWE-style stunt.

“She should have trained neck more smh (shake my head),” Elle said.

World-famous YouTuber KSI then commented: “Na ain't no way.”

Now the 22-year-old has taken a swipe back on TikTok at all those who didn’t believe her accident was real.

“Are you actually serious?” she said. “Like, you’re so desparate to make me look bad.

“This is a photo of me being put into the back of an ambulance,” she said as she pointed to a picture of someone being loaded into an ambulance.

“And it was about 8pm at night and it doesn't get dark until about 9pm in the UK in July.

“But this ambulance was there the whole time, the whole time we were streaming because you have to have paramedics on scene when you’re boxing.”

Then with a picture that seems to be the inside of an ambulance appearing behind her on the screen, Astrid' then continued: “But apparently this window is a television, like anyone who thinks that is crazy.”

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