Bear cubs tip onto the ground as they struggle to get into a hammock

My turn! Three bear cubs tip each other on to the ground as they try to struggle to get into a hammock

  • Three baby bears hilariously fail to get into a hammock in the Smoky Mountains
  • The moment was filmed by a bemused family on vacation in a cabin in the woods
  • One bear succeeds but is swiftly tipped off by a sibling trying to join them

This is the moment three bear cubs’ hilarious attempts to get into a hammock were caught on camera.

Holidaymakers in the Smoky Mountains filmed the bears being comically flipped onto the ground each time they tried to climb on board the hammock.

At the start of the clip, filmed on October 5, one of the bears has managed to get into the hanging bed. But they are soon tipped out when a sibling clumsily tries to join them.

The trio of cubs fall onto their backs after their joint attempt to get into the rope hammock in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Two of the three cuddly creatures then try to employ some teamwork by attempting to get in the hammock together.

Unfortunately for them, this does not work either as they are sent flying over the hammock and onto their furry backs.

The unnamed filmer, who shared the footage online yesterday, said: ‘During a short family vacation to the Smoky Mountains, we heard some noise outside our cabin.

‘To our surprise, we discovered three bear cubs playing on the hammock while mama bear was close by, keeping a watchful eye.’ 

One cub makes it up to the hammock before another flips them off of it in an attempt to steal the comfortable position for itself

The 15-second clip, filmed in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, has been seen more than 80,000 times on YouTube with comments praising the natural piece of humor.

One user commented that a crow in the background sounds like it is laughing at the bears’ hapless antics. 

Adult bears are known for their climbing prowess, but these cubs’ difficulties suggest they needs a bit more practice. 

The jealous bear tries to take the hammock for their own and cruelly removes its lounging pal from the sling

The National Park Service (NPS) estimates that there are around 1,500 bears in the Smoky Mountains out of the 25,000-strong bear population in the United States.

The service say that bears are to be fairly used to contact with human beings in these woods, making attacks so rare that they are not recorded in the NPS log of cause of deaths in its parks. 

The two bear cubs then tried to work together to get onto the hammock while the other watched on

The pair hilariously failed to regain the hammock as the bemused family filmed the funny moment from their cabin

The Smoky Mountains run between North Carolina and Tennessee and has many species of bear that roam the woods.

The mountain range is one of the largest protected areas in the eastern United States.

Visitors to the protected woods are told by the NPS to not feed the animals to limit the amount of contact they have with humans.

A Canadian woman was fined $60,000 last week for feeding bears in British Columbia.

Though polar bears are in danger of going extinct, the brown bear population is doing well in the United States at large.

Despite this, interbreeding between brown and polar bears in Alaska caused by climate change is causing strain on the local populations of brown bears in the US state.

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