‘Beijing wants to rule the world!’ Xi Jinping accused of plotting global domination

China 'wants to rule the world' warns Gordon Chang

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Political commentator and author Gordan Chang insisted that China has been clear that it wishes to dominate the entire globe. During an interview with Express.co.uk, he argued China’s President Xi Jinping has hinted at China’s desire to expand its borders and its reach over the world. He also reflected on the possibility of China planning the use of biological warfare against other nations.

While not claiming China manufactured the coronavirus disease, Mr Chang claimed the nation has dabbled with the idea of biological warfare tactics and methods.

Mr Chang said: “Beijing’s ultimate goal is to rule the world.

“To overthrow the existing Westphalian international order that has been in place since 1648.

“They want to replace it with China’s mandate of heaven, to rule all under heaven.

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“Xi Jinping has been dropping hints that is his preferred international order.

“His officials have actually been quite explicit about that.

“In 2018, the head of China’s Lunar programme actually came out and said the moon and mars should be considered part of the people’s republic of China.

“That is their ambition, now, of course, we tend to think of that as ludicrous but nevertheless we should start listening to what the Chinese are saying.

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“Because they are making it very clear what they intend to do when they get the means to do it.”

Mr Chang also questioned whether China was attempting to utilise biological weapons for future warfare.

However, he did not outright accuse China of manufacturing the Covid-19 disease.

Mr Chang said: “In 2017 edition of the science of military strategy which is a publication of China’s national defence university talked about a new type of biological warfare.

“China is thinking about how they could have a pathogen that would leave the Chinese immune but sicken everyone else.

“American officials that China is working on pathogens of that sort.

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“The Covid-19 has killed 3.2 million people outside China so you can see how this could possibly work out.”

The origin of the Covid-19 disease is still unclear but the Chinese Government has vehemently denied it was created by their Government or in any of their labs in Wuhan.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has said there is “no evidence” the disease originated from Wuhan.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: “Recently, many international experts and scholars have questioned and criticised and US practice of politicising the issue of origin-tracing.

“Australian scientist Dominic Dwyer, a member of the WHO expert team, said there was no evidence to back up the lab escape theory.

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