Biden achieved ‘absolutely nothing’ in Europe trip – handed Putin exactly ‘what he wanted’

Joe Biden 'did nothing' in summit with Putin says host

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President Joe Biden had been slammed for failing to push US interests during a summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Geneva this week.  Former US naval intelligence officer John Jordan has said Mr Biden “achieved absolutely nothing” during his first foreign tour as US leader. Mr Jordan believes that President Biden “gave the Russians what they really really wanted” with little to show in return.

Mr Jordan told Sky News Australia: “Well he got back in one piece so I think if you are the White House that is something to be happy about.

“In terms of furthering America’s interests, he has achieved absolutely nothing.

“With the NATO meetings, he did not insist as President Trump had that NATO pay its fair share of Europe’s collective defence burden and live up to the agreements that were made in Wales years ago where each member of NATO would spend two percent of their GDP on defence.

“Only a couple of countries all of those in Eastern Europe are actually complying with that.”

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He continued: “Furthermore the President relaxed sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany.

“So President Trump was the one that was allegedly soft on the Russians, Biden actually gave the Russians what they really really wanted and got nothing in return.

No Americans that were imprisoned in Russia were returned, there was no agreement, no effort by the Russians to step up their efforts to stop cybercrime.

“So if the goal of the Biden administration was just to go and give away the store, and have some TV appearances, it would be a success.”

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“If their goal was substantially communicating to the Russians that some behaviors will not be tolerated,” added Mr Jordan.

“And reminding the Europeans that they need to live up to their treaty obligations.

“If substance mattered, it was a failure.”

It comes as Nile Gardiner, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher, also criticised Mr Biden’s meeting with Putin.

Mr Gardiner said: “Biden made no mention in his press conference of the prospect of further sanctions against Moscow or of the hugely controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

“Nor did he make any reference to Russia’s use of chemical weapons on European soil, most notably the barbaric Novichok poisonings in Salisbury.

“His focus was on cooperation rather than confrontation.”

He added: “Putin is not a pragmatist like Mikhail Gorbachev, the Cold War leader who worked with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher to bring an end to the Soviet Empire.

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