Bloodthirsty monkeys bash rat over rocks for stealing food and try drowning it

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    A pack of enraged monkeys were caught on camera killing a rat for stealing their food at their enclosure.

    The murderous scene took place inside a zoo in Quzhou, China's Zhejiang province.

    Video shared online shows a cheeky rodent making a bold move to steal the food from the container in the middle of the primate enclosure.

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    But the monkeys spot the attempt and, when it makes a dart from under the container, they chase it before one grabs hold.

    It then swings it around by its tail in an apparent attempt to disorientate it before bashing its head on the rocks and finally submerging it underwater.

    With no chance to escape, the rat plays dead but the monkey takes a second round of revenge by picking it up and throwing it into water again.

    The monkey pokes at the rat to see if it can still move.

    But the witted rat plays possum and runs down a narrow hole in the rocks just when the monkey loses its grip.

    Mrs Dong, who filmed the entire act on her phone, said: "I have seen the rats before and I was thought that they weren't disturbing the monkeys, and I certainly didn't expect it to be beaten.

    "I guess they were not impressed at the rat stealing their food."

    One viewer said: "That's a smart monkey trying to drown a rat."

    "What a revenge! That should teach the rat a lesson," a second wrote and a third joked: "Real-life Planet of the Apes!"


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