Boris Johnson headed for Red Wall bruising over cost of living and fuel bills, poll shows

BORIS Johnson is cruising for a Red Wall bruising because of his dithering on the rising cost of living and soaring energy bills, new polling shows.

As Labour ups the pressure on the PM’s broken promise of slashing VAT on fuel bills, data shows the row is hitting the PM in the ballots.

Some 79 per cent of those in key northern seats say Boris’s Government does not understand their economic woes, the YouGov research for the Energy and Utilities Alliance found.

And 83 per cent of new Tory voters in seats such as Workington and Wakefield back a VAT cut on energy bills.

Labour shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said if now is not the time to cut VAT on energy bills then "frankly I don't know when is", and called on the Government to take VAT off gas and electricity prices.

Ms Reeves told Sky: "The Prime Minister was the biggest advocate for cutting VAT on gas and electricity bills during the European referendum.

"But now when cutting those bills would make more difference than ever, the Prime Minister says no.

"Well, I say that bills can't be paid on broken promises.

"The Government should honour that commitment that the Prime Minister made to take VAT off gas and electricity prices.

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