Boy thrown out of car avoids being run over after crash with bus

Shocking moment boy is thrown out of car when it smashes into bus and then narrowly avoids being run over

  • A child escaped with only light injuries after being thrown from a car as it crashed into a bus in Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • He skidded alongside the bus’s wheels and was nearly run over after the crash
  • The car’s bonnet caught on fire and the driver apparently jumped a red light 
  • It’s believed none of the other passengers in the bus or car suffered any injuries  

 A five-year-old boy escaped with only minor injuries when he was thrown out of a car during a collision and then almost run over by a bus.

Terrifying footage shows the child catapulted on to the street when the car he was travelling in smashed into the side of the bus in Itatiba in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The boy then skidded along the street next to the bus, narrowly avoiding going under its wheels.

CCTV footage from the city centre caught the dramatic accident on 12 October. 

In the video, the bus speedily travels down the main road as a grey car emerges suddenly from the right and crashes into it. 

The bonnet of the car was damaged and it started to spin in the road as the bus continued to pummel forward.  

The five-year-old boy escapes with only minor injuries as a woman runs to pick him up after the accident in Sao Paolo, Brazil

The young child only narrowly misses being caught up under the wheels of the bus as it continues to drive on 

A small child was thrown out of the car and can be seen tumbling dangerously close to the bus wheels as it continues to drive forward.

The boy continued to skid down the road side-by-side with the bus, narrowly avoiding being caught under it.

After the bus finally drove away, he rolled over and sat up, running towards a visibly panicked woman who got out of the car, the bonnet of which was on fire.

The woman picked up the young boy and carried him over to the side of the road, where she checked for injuries as another young woman and child got out of the car.

The boy was taken to a local hospital where, at the time of reporting, he was said to be under observation and doing well.

The five-year-old goes to stand up after skidding on the road and nearly being run over by the bus 

It is unclear if he was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Two adults and two other children were in the car and 25 passengers were in the bus at the time.

The police said none of the passengers in the bus were injured and it appears the other people in the car also escaped unscathed. 

The bonnet of the car is on fire as its occupants get out to check on the young boy after the accident  

According to the bus driver, the accident happened after the car driver jumped a red light.

While he refused to take a breathalyser test, the driver was tested to see if he was drunk at the time of the accident in the hospital. 

The car was impounded after it was found that the vehicle licence had expired. 

The police continue the investigation. 

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