Builders arrive at wrong house to revamp garden – homeowner doesn’t stop them

A woman has gone viral after letting builders revamp her garden without telling them that they're at the wrong house.

Chloe Fountainn claimed a group of builders turned up at her house unannounced and started unloading rocks in her garden.

Rather than telling them that they were at the wrong address, the woman decided not to say a thing in the hope of getting a brand new garden.

She filmed from inside the house as a truck parked up at her drive, saying: "You've got the wrong house! You have the wrong house! Oh no, you have the wrong house.

"This is a huge mess-up!"

In another video, she revealed to fans her cheeky plan while watching the builders tear apart her deck by the door.

"Well, they're at the wrong house but I'm not going to stop them because I'd love to have free concrete – or a deck, whatever they're building," she explained.

With no intention of telling the men until the work is done, Chloe added: "Obviously they're not finished and there's no way I'm telling them about it.

"I'm going to tell them when they're done. I want whatever they're doing down, and then I'm going to be, like, 'Wrong house!'"

The homeowner still had no idea what the revamp would look like.

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In the clips she posted, a large patch of what used to be a deck was cleared out and filled with pebbles by her door.

She found the workers' toolboxes by the side of her house and a small hose installed on the ground.

Chloe commented in her post: "I wish I was getting a pool."

One viewer joked: "It's a giant litter box for the cat."

Some didn't believe Chloe and said refusing to pay would be considered theft – but she reassured everyone she would end up paying.

She later added that she had called the construction company and apologised for not telling the builders the truth.

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