Candace Owens reports Dem hopeful to cops for sending pic of Ku Klux Klan hood after she said 'black people are violent'

CANDACE Owens has filed a police report against “racist” Democratic hopeful Liam O’Mara after he sent her a picture of a Ku Klux Klan hood on Twitter.

O’Mara, who ran and lost in the November 2020 congressional election in California’s 42nd district, sent the picture to Owens in a tweet, along with the message “Yikes”, “You may’ve dropped this”.

The ring-wing commentator has hit back at the message with a series of tweets, in which she claims she has filed a police report against O’Mara for the widely-criticised move.

“Just got off the phone with the Riverside County Sheriff Department,” Owens wrote.

“Guess who is filing a police report against you for your little klansmen act that you keep defending? 

“I am DONE with you racist Democrats thinking you can do and say whatever you want to black conservatives.”

An earlier tweet from Owens read: “How do we feel about Democrats sending photos of Ku Klux Klan hoods to black conservatives as an insult because I’m pretty sure—as my grandfather is still alive and breathing and suffered the REAL klansmen in his youth— that this is RACIST and you are a PIG for sending this.”

O’Mara’s tweet and picture was sent in response to a tweet by Owens about black crime. 

“The #1 violent offenders against black people are other black people. The #1 violent offenders against Asian Americans are also black people. But both #BlackLivesMatter and #AsianLivesMatter are campaigns dedicated to stomping out white supremacy because, clown world,” the tweet read.

Owens tweeted a call for Twitter Safety to remove O’Mara’s account, and then later tweeted that she’d had a response saying the tweet did not constitute a violation of their rules.

"Might not be a crime on Twitter but guess what?!" Owens tweeted.

"It’s a crime in the real world. @TwitterSafety you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this to fly."

The Sun has reached out to Twitter for comment.

The incident comes days after Owens hit out at the Biden administration – this time for the mounting crisis of illegal immigration at the southern border with Mexico.

She tweeted on Sunday about the states’ “absurd Covid travel restrictions.”

“My family overseas is wondering if they’ll ever be able to come to the United States again.

“I told them that under this administration, the best route is to fly into Mexico and run over the border,” Owens joked. “Can’t wait to see them!”

The current surge of migrants trying to enter the US through the southern border with Mexico is the worst that it’s been in 20 years, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said.

Mayorkas – selected by President Joe Biden to run the department, marking the first time a Latino has held the position before – called what’s happening a “difficult situation.”

Some 14,000 migrants are in federal custody, and more are expected to come to the US.

While the Biden administration has said it’s been working on plans for long-term immigration problems, it has not had an on-the-ground plan for the current migrant surge.

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