Channel 4 Skint’s star Little Richard’s cause of death revealed after he was found in shed as mum pays tribute | The Sun

THE grieving mum of Channel 4 documentary Skint star 'Little Richard' has paid tribute to her son after he was found dead in a shed.

Richard Finn, 45, who stole the hearts of the nation in the eye-opening reality series, passed away in a local's outhouse in Grimsby.

An inquest has heard how he may have been finding refuge from the plummeting temperatures as the winter weather gripped the country.

The 45-year-old had no fixed address and was sleeping rough at the time, seven years on from his role in the popular series Skint.

Affectionately known as "Little Richard" or "Finny", his tragic tale of financial hardship had resonated with Brits across the country.

Cleethorpes Town Hall this week heard how he spent several years in care as a child before moving back in with his family, Grimsby Live reports.

His mum, Linda Ward told coroner Jane Eatock: "Richard and his siblings witnessed his dad drink a lot of alcohol which no doubt rubbed off on them, I think this is one reason Richard was a big drinker himself."

She added: "He was a sociable young boy who had many friends. He would often go out first thing in a morning and only come back home when it was time to eat. He was never one for school and I don't think he was there as much as we thought he was.

Shortly after leaving school had a relationship with a woman, with whom he had three children. 

However, he began to develop a drink and drug problem and his partner left him after five years.

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As an adult he became famous for walking the streets of Grimsby with pet ferret Jet on his shoulder. 

Linda said: "He would often pop and see me and bring me little ornaments that made him think of me. I still have some up around the house to this day. He was a loveable rogue."

She added: "It was a big shock when I was told the news about his death. It was so unexpected and I was so upset because he only got to live to 45, but he will never be forgotten." 

Richard was found dead by a homeowner in a shed on Marlborough Close, where its believed he had been staying on and off for 12 months. 

He was officially pronounced dead at 2.14pm on September 24, 2020.

After his death, an initial post mortem determined he had ingested a lethal cocktail of drugs.

In conclusion, Ms Eatock said: "Richard had a long and difficult history of drug abuse and was close to his family, although as a child he moved away, he returned. They had done their best to support him, but his life style made things very difficult."

"Because of his drinking and drugs, It seems his friends all revolved around these activities, making it difficult for him to break out of there." She ruled intoxication of drugs as the cause of death adding: "He was larger than life with a big personality.

"He was well known on the streets of Grimsby for his appearance on Skint and was a lovable rogue. He wasn't all bad and had a good relationship with his mum, you have to remember the good times you had with him."

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