China games blowing up warship while US shows off its military might

‘China is the largest threat we face’, says Liz Truss

Tensions are rising further in Asia as both China and South Korea play war games to ready themselves for conflict. China has simulated blowing up the US’s biggest warship, while South Korea ready themselves for the possibility of “full-scale” attack from North Korea.

Xi Jinping’s troops used a war game simulation system to play out attacking aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford with hypersonic missiles, with researchers insisting it could be “destroyed with certainty”, reports The Daily Express US. They practiced sinking a US fleet with a flurry of 24 hypersonic anti-ship missiles over the course of 20 skirmishes.

Cao Hongsong, from the North University of China, published the results of the ‘attack’ and claimed almost every US surface vessel was shattered and sunk in their virtual assault.

At the same time, South Korea and the US have been running a huge military drill in preparation for a “full-scale” North Korean assault. The first of five rounds of live-fire exercises over the next few weeks showed off the country’s military might on the border.

The exercises mark 70 years since the establishment of the military alliance between Seoul and Washington. Images from the “combined annihilation firepower drills” feature massive fireball explosions and tanks firing.

The drills involved 2,500 troops and 610 weapons systems such as fighter jets, attack helicopters, drones, tanks and artillery, according to the South Korean Defense Ministry. This outstrips the most recent exercises in 2017, which drew about 2,000 soldiers and 250 weapons assets.

The Defense Ministry says the drills are meant to enhance the allies’ combined operational performance capabilities, seeking to establish “the overwhelming deterrence and response capabilities” to cope with North Korean nuclear and missile threats.

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The show of military force comes after North Korea test-launching more than 100 missiles since January, 2022. Last week, North Korea’s state media described the drills “a typical North Korea-targeted war rehearsal”.

But Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said the agreement showed off America and the South’s “most hostile and aggressive will of action” against her country.

She threatened to further strengthen her country’s nuclear doctrine, adding: “The pipe dream of the US and South Korea will henceforth be faced with the entity of more powerful strength.”


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