Couple caught bonking on easyJet flight punch air with pride in new footage

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    A new video appearing to feature the sex-mad couple who were filmed getting frisky in a toilet on an easyJet flight has emerged, and it shows the randy pair lapping up the applause from fellow passengers.

    Earlier this week a viral video shared on X by Aney Stokes captured the moment the lovers got frisky in the plane toilet on board a flight from Luton to Ibiza on September 8.

    In the clip, a member of staff nervously stood outside the toilet doors as passengers eagerly awaited for him to open it.

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    He seemed to wait a few moments trying to psych himself up to do it as people on board turn in their seats to get a better look.

    When the door was finally opened, a man was seen standing behind a woman bent over the plane loo with their trousers down around their knees.

    Roars of cheers were heard throughout the plane as the red-faced bloke rushed to close the door to protect what was left of their dignity.

    And in the latest video, the pair seem very proud of themselves about what they got up to in the tiny toilet space.

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    In new footage circulating on social media, the woman comes out of the loo with her hands in the air, red-faced and pumping her fist, while the bloke is given high fives and adulation by several others.

    The man, wearing a black T-shirt, looks a bit embarrassed by what is going on, but takes the plaudits nonetheless.

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    And the excited gaggle of passengers are seen cheering and clapping, while a mystery second bloke in a white T-shirt appears to be leading the excitement and giving the person in black a bit of a man hug.

    Another woman is seen standing in the aisle drinking a hot drink while laughing hysterically at the rampant couple.

    The identity of the pair involved has not yet been made public.

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    EasyJet has since confirmed the incident took place onboard one of their flights and that police were informed.

    It is illegal to intentionally engage in sexual activities in a public lavatory, under Section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act.

    A spokesperson for the airline said: "We can confirm that this flight from Luton to Ibiza on 8 September was met by police on arrival due to the behaviour of two passengers onboard."

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    No confirmation of arrests was made, with Bedfordshire Police, confirming they were not involved in responding to the matter.

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