‘Disgusting’ cemetery leaves loved ones digging up dead to be buried elsewhere

A cemetery is in such a "vile" state that grieving loved ones are digging up their dead relatives and moving them to other graveyards.

Thefts, grubby surroundings and a series of nasty events left one woman feeling she had no choice but to dig up her loved one and cremate their remains.

Lisa Angell, 46, lost her daughter to multiple organ failure when she was just three years old and had buried her at the Sutton-in-Ashfield cemetery, NottinghamShireLive reported.

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But the "final straw" came at the same time as the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, with the 46-year-old running out of patience with the "disgusting" site.

She said: "I never wanted to bury Alysha but we had no choice at the time because there was an inquest into her death. When that was all finished, I didn’t want to bring her back up. But the final straw was last September when I took my granddaughter to the grave.

"I’d always decorated Alysha’s grave based around whatever was happening in the world and at that time we had just lost the Queen, so there were little corgis, a Union Jack and things like that around it.

"My granddaughter had also painted these two beautiful little birds but on this one particular day I took her there, people had been stealing again and these birds had been smashed.

"My granddaughter was really upset and after 18 years, I eventually decided I had to bring Alysha back up."

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It was not only thefts in the area causing a problem for the bereaved but a series of tree felling's and boggy mud in the area has made it a terrible place to visit the dead.

Sadie Kim, 41, who buried her son Ethan there in 2004 said: "If nothing is happening in the next month, I will look into sending off an application to bring Ethan back up.

"I never wanted him to be cremated and so I will have to find somewhere else for him to be buried if that happened, which is more expense and more stress but I’ll have to do it because I’ve had enough."

Ashfield District Council has since said work has taken place to improve the graveyard, with a statement confirming they were "aware of the concerns raised about the children's section of the cemetery."

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