Dramatic moment hero boy, five, saves puppy from swimming pool

Dramatic moment hero boy, five, saves German Shepherd from drowning after puppy lost balance and fell into swimming pool before floating motionless for 15 minutes

  • A boy, five, has become a TikTok celebrity after saving his two-month-old puppy
  • The tiny German shepherd scampered into a swimming pool – and got stranded
  • After 15 minutes in water, the poor puppy was close to death with hypothermia
  • But the brave boy – who had just learned to swim – leapt in and dug out the pup

This is the inspiring moment a five-year-old boy who just learned how to swim rescued his two-month-old puppy from drowning.

Surveillance footage shows the tiny German shepherd looking at its reflection in the water before losing its balance and falling in.

Despite clamouring to make its way out of the water, it’s dragged into the centre of the pool – and lay helpless for a terrifying 15 minutes.

The poor pup even suffered hypothermia as its temperature fell to just five degrees.

The two-month-old puppy stumbled into the water after looking at its reflection in the pool

But the heroic young boy went into his back garden and, without even a thought, leapt into the water to rescue the dog.

In just a few seconds he used his upper body strength to pull the puppy to safety.

A grown-up then noticed the fracas and sprinted outside to retrieve the pair, rushing the dog into the warm house.

It then floated motionless for a terrifying 15 minutes, suffering dangerous hypothermia too

But the brave boy wandered outside and spotted the ailing dog – and quickly stepped in

The incident, which took place in July 2021, got new attention after going viral on TikTok.

Far from injuring the boy or the dog, their relationship is now stronger than ever, his cousin said.

The boy’s older cousin posted the footage, captioned: ‘Make my cousin go viral, he deserves it.

‘Today the dog is safe and sound and very happy.’

In seconds he jumped into the water and rescued the pup, despite being an amateur swimmer

A grown-up, who may be the boy’s mother, then ran over to help the pair out of the cold pool

The clip has received more than 4million plays and almost 500,000 likes.

She added in the video: [The dog] was drowned for 15 minutes. He was 5 degrees.

‘[My cousin] had just learned to swim and jumped in.’

In a follow-up post, she filmed the pair cuddling warmly together.

She wrote: ‘Eight months later, they are like this.’ 

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