Ellen interview ‘Meghan’s best strategy to keep things positive’, says expert

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Meghan Markle appearing on the TV chat show Ellen is the best strategy to keep things positive following the recent explosive privacy court case, an expert has claimed. .

The claims come as the Duchess of Sussex makes an appearance on the hit American TV show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, airing on Thursday (18 Nov) 9pm UK time.

Gertrude Daly, a royal commentator and podcaster, has claimed that Meghan may try to use the interview to "address the court case".

But suggests her best strategy would be "to not talk about it and keep things positive".

Daly told the Daily Star: "Meghan might try to use then Ellen interview to address the court case and some of the things revealed in the released messages and emails.

"But I think her best strategy would be to not talk about it and keep things positive. The legal case only comes up again if she brings it up. "

"I see this as being more like, Prince Harry’s James Corden interview. Mostly positive, light hearted and funny.

"There may be a bit of serious, negative stuff. But hopefully the comments about the royals will be more along the lines of “'Archie got a waffle iron from the Queen' than 'the royal family is racist'."

Royal fans have spoken out against the Duchess for her "poorly timed" appearance on the US chat show during a time when many are worried for the Queen's health.

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Many disgruntled fans have referred back to Harry and Meghan's explosive Oprah interview eight months ago, which coincided with the late Prince Philip being in hospital.

One disgruntled fan said: "Mmmmm no thanks. Since leaving the UK to get away from the media, all she’s done is grab every media opportunity available. Strange behaviour."

Another wrote: "Her opinions are unimportant to many who are loyal to the Royal family.. she has tried to smear them publicly and has lost all credibility and respect…"

But some people have defended Meghan's decision to appear on Ellen claiming the critics are simply "jealous".

One person wrote: "How can anybody dislike her, she's so down to earth and humble."

Another said: "So many negative people that have no lives and hate her for having a beautiful one."

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