‘Exorcist’ dog who can rotate her head 180 degrees shocks with ‘demon’ trick

The owner of a dog who can rotate her head 180 degrees just like the possessed girl in the Exorcist said she utters the word "demon" to make the pup perform the creepy trick.

Kiko the nine-month-old Finnish spitz routinely shocks people in public when owner Ashleigh MacPherson utters the word demon.

Ashleigh taught the dog to rotate her head 180 degrees on command in an eerie ode to famed horror film The Exorcist in which a demented young girl spins her head.

The 28-year-old said Kiko regularly shocks people before they ask "how does she do that?" and then they "smile and laugh afterwards."

Ashleigh, from New Zealand, said: "When people see her do it in public, their reactions are always the same.

"They looked shocked at first and ask; ‘how does she do that?’, and then you can see them smile and laugh afterwards."

Despite the freaky trick, Ashleigh insists Kiko has been "the best thing" for her during the pandemic and is extremely "laid back, cuddly, sweet and loving."

Kiko is also "extremely vocal," her owner admits, and often has a lot to say as she loves to "talk" to people.

Ashleigh said: "Kiko has been the best thing during these hard times.

"She is a ‘covid puppy’ and was actually born a few days before lockdown happened in New Zealand.

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"Her company made me enjoy the time I had in lockdown.

"She is quite a laid back, cuddly, sweet and a loving dog.

"But she is also sassy, playful and can have a lot to say.

"Finnish spitz are known for being extremely vocal, Kiko does have this trait, but it’s usually to just to talk to you."

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