Family of pensioner left lying in snow by postman demand he is sacked

Family of pensioner, 72, who was left lying in snow by Royal Mail postman because he was ‘knackered’ say he has STILL not been in touch to apologise and demand he is sacked

  • Widow Patricia Stewart, 72, fell down her steps in Bainsford and asked for help
  • Royal Mail postman, named locally as Thomas McCafferty, left her in the snow
  • Her family say he has not apologised and called for Royal Mail to sack him 

The family of a 72-year-old pensioner with bone disease who was left lying injured in the snow by a Royal Mail postman has condemned him for failing to apologise and demand that he is sacked.

Widow Patricia Stewart fell down her front steps in Bainsford, near Falkirk when she went to collect a parcel and shouted to the postman to help – but he told her he was ‘knackered’ and walked off.  

The callous incident was recorded on Wednesday afternoon by a neighbour’s Ring doorbell camera. Video shows the postman saying: ‘I can’t help you pal. I’m knackered. Absolutely knackered.’ 

Yesterday, the postman was named locally as Thomas McCafferty. He is not the regular postman of the pensioner, who lives alone and uses a walking frame.

The Mail on Sunday tried to offer the postman an opportunity to explain his side of events, but a woman – believed to be his wife – said she could not help when asked if he was available or if he lived at the address, near Falkirk.

Patricia Stewart, who suffers from osteoporosis, slipped and banged her head as she bent over to pick up two parcels left on the doorstep of her home in Bainsford, near Falkirk 

Patricia was thankfully rescued by 22-year-old Hermes driver Karolina Domska 20 minutes later, who helped her up, got her inside her home and called her neighbours 

Last night, Mrs Stewart’s niece and carer Sheryl Harkins said: ‘He could have contacted me to apologise but he hasn’t. Another postman told me he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong.

‘I am still expecting an official response from Royal Mail about what is happening to the guy. I wouldn’t like to think he’ll keep his job. We should be entitled to know the outcome of their investigation.

‘A manager chapped my aunt’s door and brought chocolates but there has been no official response. The whole situation is disgusting… it’s inhumane to do what he’s done.’

Mrs Stewart, a grandmother of two, was left lying in the snow in tears on Thursday, during the coldest February since 1955. She was rescued after 20 minutes by Hermes driver Karolina Domska, 22.

The former social care manager said: ‘I felt a bit dizzy. I fell from the top step to the bottom and I banged my head. I just couldn’t get up. I shouted for the postman to help me and he came back.

But when the pensioner pleaded with her Royal Mail postman for help, he refused because he was too tired and walked away – and even told her to put on her slippers without helping her 

Patricia’s niece Sheryl Harkins, 36, accused the Royal Mail postman, who has not yet been identified, of leaving the pensioner ‘to die’ in the snow.

‘But he said, “I’ve been working from early this morning and I’m knackered”, and then went away. If it hadn’t been for the people who helped I would have been lying there for hours.’

Last night, a Royal Mail spokesman said it ‘expects the highest standards of behaviour from our people’, adding: ‘We were very sorry to learn about this incident, and for the distress caused. We have been in touch with the customer concerned and will be investigating.’ 

Treatment for Mrs Stewart’s condition, including scans and operations, has been delayed due to the coronavirus lockdowns. 

It is understood that she fell over after feeling a dizzy, a day after she received a coronavirus vaccine.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Mrs Stewart said: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m a nice person. I couldn’t believe that he walked away and left me and didn’t seek anybody’s help. I’m still in shock.’

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