Five dead in horror crash as bus plunges 240 feet into ravine on Christmas Eve

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    Five people died after a bus plunged into a river overnight while crossing a bridge in Spain's northwestern Galicia region, officials on Christmas Day.

    The emergency services said two bodies had been recovered while two others, including the bus driver, had been rescued and taken to hospital.

    The devastating incident occurred on Saturday night near Vigo and the border with Portugal. The regional La Voz de Galicia newspaper said the bus was carrying people visiting their loved ones jailed in Monterroso in central Galicia.

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    Spain's Civil Guard later said two more bodies were found earlier today. The woman's body was recovered but the man's body was yet to be retrieved.

    On Twitter, emergency services said there could have been more people inside the bus and posted a photo of the vehicle in turbulent waters.

    Meanwhile, rescue operations had to be suspended overnight due to bad weather but resumed this morning.

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    The horrific accident took place "at a spot with a steep gradient", making access difficult, according to a Civil Guard spokesman in the city of Pontevedra, some 30 kilometres from the site of the tragedy.

    The Civil Guard said the bus driver had tested negative for alcohol.

    They added the cause of the accident was not yet known but that the poor weather could have contributed.

    "We do not yet know the causes with certainty' but 'it is true that the weather conditions were very bad that night," said Alfonso Rueda, the president of the Galicia region.

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