Freshers’ Week carnage as rowdy students enjoy first boozy binge since Covid

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Freshers’ Week has kicked off in style across the UK for the first time since lockdown – and if students are going to make up for lost time, it's sure to be crazy.

In late September last year, boozed-up teens caused fury in the streets as they ignored the rule of six to drink, chat and dance.

But now that Covid restrictions have lifted, they are free to rampage across cities in alcohol-fuelled madness.

The week usually involves numerous social events, fairs and activities, and acts as a welcome to many young people who may be living away from home for the first time.

Nightclubs have only recently re-opened and while most restrictions have been lifted Covid case numbers continue to be high in the UK.

Despite the changes, many revellers were seen enjoying a taste of freedom.

Student nights out are expected to take place every night at various venues all week up until Sunday, September 26.

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Fresh-faced students who had one too many curled up in states on the groud outside of clubs.

One girl was snapped rubbing her friends back as she appeared to be hunched over – no doubt ready to puke from all the antics.

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A lad was pictured sitting alone crying in the corner of the street alone – being away from home for the firt time isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes!

One group of blokes were spotted roaming the streets with a traffic cone as one disapproving woman watched on as she ate a wrap from the local take away.

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In Nottingham and Newcastle, large groups were seen queuing outside the city's bars to enjoy a few drinks with friends before heading to the clubs.

Meanwhile, unvaccinated university students are being urged to get a Covid jab during the first week to protect against the virus.

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Professor Stephen Powis, national medical director of NHS England, has called on freshers to get the vaccine at pop-up clinics and walk-in centres set up by universities before their courses begin, the Mirror reports.

Many universities, including Liverpool Hope University, Birmingham City University and Queen Mary University in London, are setting up pop-up clinics to give out as many jabs as possible..

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The plea comes as thousands of students are arriving at university campuses across the UK over the next few weeks.

Elsewhere, it has been reported that just four out of 27 top UK universities will return to full in-person teaching this term.

The Times reports that the universities of Sheffield, Southampton, Sussex and York expect to return to in-person studies, where its students will be expected to be on campus from the start of the academic year.

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