Fury over teacher’s OnlyFans to fund dead mum’s cancer care – now she won’t stop

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    A nursery teacher who joined OnlyFans to fund her mum's cancer treatment has been met with furious criticism.

    Etzane Peña, from Juárez in northern Mexico, started posting racy images on the site to help her stricken mother.

    She explained to local news outlet Fuente Informativa that she had received a lot of criticism after joining the site, but carried on anyway.

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    “I have faced criticism for having an OnlyFans,” she said, but I did it for a good cause, to help pay for my mum's cancer treatment."

    Etzane explained that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and the condition worsened in 2019, spreading to other parts of her body.

    Etzane, being her eldest daughter, took charge of her mum’s medical expenses in 2016. But her salary as a preschool teacher “didn’t even cover a thousandth” of her mums hospital bills.

    She added: “I opened [the OnlyFans account] because Social Security did not cover all the medicines, chemotherapy and surgeries that my mother needed.

    “One of those medicines cost more than 20,000 pesos [just under £900] a month and thanks to this I was able to pay for it and afford her surgery."

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    Sadly, her mum has since passed away, but Etzane, 25, has carried on with her OnlyFans work: “I decided to continue to pay for my brother's degree and help another lady who has cancer and cannot pay for her chemotherapy."

    Despite harsh criticism from some family members and other people she knows, Etzane is determined to stick with it, earning $14 a month (about £11) for every subscriber. Her exact number of subscribers has been kept private.

    She’s one of a surprisingly large number of teachers who have chosen to supplement their income from sites like OnlyFans.

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    Science teacher Kirsty Buchan, 33, left her post at Bannerman High School in Glasgow, after content from her OnlyFans site were circulated among students.

    Sarah Juree, another science educator taught elementary-age kids as part of Starbase – a collaboration between schools and the US Defence Department – but still found it impossible to make ends meet without OnlyFans.

    She now rates fans' intimate photos with racy "report cards".

    Certainly, when it comes to Etzane, her day job seems to be part of the appeal. One typical comment under one of her videos reads: “I would love to be your student."


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