Girl chokes on vomit and dies on theme park ride as family beg to stop it

A teenage girl died after choking on her own vomit on an amusement park ride, and her family claim they begged the operator to stop it – but were ignored.

The incident took place in the Avcilar district of Turkey's largest city Istanbul when Zeynep Gunay, 19, went on the "Kamikaze" but fell unconscious and was declared dead after being taken to hospital.

It has been claimed that the teenager threw up while she was on the ride and died because vomit blocked her respiratory tract.

A haunting last image shows the teen waiting patiently for a ride at the amusement park to begin.

Her family say that they could see that she was in distress and repeatedly asked the ride operator to stop it, but they claim they were ignored. They are now claiming she died of negligence.

The girl, who wanted to become a psychologist, was taken to hospital in an ambulance that her own family has to call themselves because the amusement park officials did not take the situation seriously, her uncle Fatih Gunay has claimed.

When the girl was removed unresponsive from the ride, her uncle says that they were told to "slap her two or three times" and that she would wake up.

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The uncle added that his niece had died as a result of negligence and that they would do "whatever it takes" to get justice.

It is currently unclear if the family have filed a formal complaint with the authorities yet, and whether or not their claims are being investigated by the police.

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