Girl’s skull shattered by teacher’s metal ruler as her brain almost ‘came out’

A nine-year-old girl was rushed to hospital with a shattered skull after a teacher allegedly beat her on the head with a metal ruler.

The teacher from Bocai Meixihu Primary School in Hunan province, central China, has been arrested by local police, according to reports.

During the incident, the teacher allegedly used a metal triangular scale ruler to hit the girl on her head, leaving a 5cm deep wound that fractured the child's skull.

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“Her brain is almost coming out,” the girl’s aunt told Jiupai News. “It could have been fatal.”

A motive for the alleged attack has not yet been reported on, but details of the September 6 incident have.

After the teacher, named Song Mouming, allegedly whacked the girl, she took her to the school doctor and the wound was classed as minor and would only require stitches.

Tests revealed that the girl’s skull was fractured and that bone fragments had lodged in her head and required immediate surgery. It took almost five hours to remove the fragments, South China Morning Post reported.

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The hospital reportedly initially refused to operate on the child as parental permission had not been given, since she was taken to the facility by school staff.

Only then were her parents informed. Her mother said that the school doctor told the hospital to just stitch up the wound, which would have proved problematic as later formal tests showed she had fragments lodged in her brain.

The girl’s father said she is still in intensive care and, sensationally, the school haven't contacted him or the child's mother.

“There is still no feedback from the school. I don’t know what to think now, but what I want is to save my girl,” he said.

The school said they would co-operate with the police investigation.

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