Glam scientist who handles crocs is ‘buzzing’ to be compared to Lara Croft

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    A glamorous geoscientist who spends her time modelling and researching crocodiles and poisonous toads says she was left “swooning” after the Daily Star compared her to Lara Croft.

    Stunning scientist Rosie Moore has earned herself a huge following on Instagram for her fascinating posts with animals including snakes and sharks.

    The researcher – who has been dubbed "the world's hottest geoscientist" for her poses – selflessly takes the time to respond to the many messages from motivated girls inspired by her changing perceptions of women in science.

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    Alongside her brave commitment to researching dangerous wildlife, she has been compared to fictional action woman Lara Croft – something that Rosie, 26, is buzzing about.

    She admitted the comparison had her “swooning” and told the Daily Star: “I was always obsessed with Lara Croft as a kid.

    “She’s a brilliant, athletic adventurer, so to be compared to her is a huge compliment!”

    But whilst iconic Lara Croft was known to use her gun to shoot endangered animals including wolves, bats, bears and gorillas, Rosie has instead swapped the pistols for a heart-warming persistence to help.

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    Her career has seen her brave a variety of scenarios, including freediving with sharks and even running from a crocodile defending its hatchlings.

    The Missouri native who now lives and works in Florida, US, was forced to flee from the angry beast after she checked up on its youngsters.

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    Although impressive Rosie boasts an incredible CV with her science work alone, she decided to dip her foot in modelling too after being asked to pose for pictures with sharks.

    She explained: “I started modelling for companies that wanted freedive models to pose with sharks. I built up a network of photographers and modelled for many brands through them.

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    “It was really amazing to find a way to incorporate my hobbies into modelling gigs. The duality of the two careers seems to shock many people.”

    Whilst science and modelling isn’t the most obvious career partnership, Rosie says her commitment to the two leaves most people swooning themselves.

    She added: “The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. My co-workers who model are always shocked and supportive of my science career, and the scientists and engineers I work with are always impressed by the modelling.”

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